Kit Kocha

President and Founder

Kit is from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She came to Montana in search of mountains and adventurous people and found both. She loves mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and boating. Currently, she is studying a combination of Bio-resources Engineering, Water Resources and Snow Science at Montana State University. In the summers she works with high school girls as a tripping leader at Camp Manito-wish, an outdoor adventure camp in northern Wisconsin.

Contact info:
Cell: 262 210-3913

Andie Creel

Co-prez, co-founder and web tech

Andie is a skier, climber, runner and biker. She has finished 2 years at MSU and plans to graduate with a double Major in Economics and Environmental Studies, with a minor in Computer Science. When not outside or in school, you will most likely find her reading Harry Potter.

Contact info:
Cell: 406 580-1596



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